Injectable Mesotherapy 1 Day £495.00

You can now train if you have the following

Level 3 beauty qualification general route

SPMU UK accredited qualification

Microblading UK accredited qualification

This treatment involves the superficial injecting (less than 1mm under the skin) using a tapping method to infuse products into the skin which includes enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Curriculum Outline:

  •  Concepts, it’s history and applications
  •  Indications and contraindications
  •  Skin assessment
  •  Selection of suitable clients
  •  Injection techniques
  •  Treatment plans
  •  Practical skills

We will also be covering the following

  • Introduction to treatments
  • Life support
  • Applied science
  • Anatomy of the skin, hair, muscles
  • Deeper structures,
  • Skin
  • Nerves
  • Pathology, allergies, pharmacology

Clinic set up, hygiene, sharps & clinical waste disposal, equipment, client consultation and selection, client evaluation, treatment planning, consent, contra-indications, effectiveness of treatment, adverse effects, pain management, aftercare advice

Practical application


Products – choice of fillers, infusions and botulinum

Eligibility for medical malpractice Insurance

Pre Training

There will be a pre-course study to complete before attending the course

Post Training

Once your training is complete you will be required to complete 6 practical case studies – this will be explained to you