Injectable Mesotherapy (Nappage) 1/2 Day £495.00

What is Mesotherapy

Is a non surgical treatment used to very superficially inject professional serums into the skin at an epidermal level.

These serums are sterile solutions containing ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid and botanicals.

The micro- injections create tiny breaks in the skin, allowing the specialist serums to penetrate the skin and work directly at a cellular level.

Please read on to see if you qualify to attend training…

For Mesotherapy Training

3, ITEC, HND in beauty therapy

semi-permanent makeup artist

| | doctor| pharmacist

If your qualification does not appear, please do but your qualification does need to be within the health and beauty sector, for example, we will accept acupuncture.

Please note – We are sorry if you do meet the entry-level and can therefore not take part in our course. Our accrediting bodies for insurance will not accept your application. We may be able to help advise you on how best to access these advanced training courses.

Training Agenda

Revision of Skin A&P

Skin Health

History of

skin rejuvenation

hair loss

Treatable skin conditions

Products and ingredients used during treatment



No-needle device

Hands-on practice

Q & A

Marketing Advice

Course Information

This is an intense 1/2 day course.

Course length can vary dependent on group size.

All groups are kept small and 2 trainers are always on hand.

No pre-course materials are necessary.

We encourage you to have a treatment on the day, at no extra cost. It is always recommended to experience these treatments yourself.

Refreshments will be provided throughout.

This course DOES NOT cover body treatments and is predominantly for skin rejuvenation, although we do touch on