What Is Nanoblading For Eyebrows?

Nanoblading is a new treatment that uses ultra-fine nano needles which can actually mimic the diameter and dimension of a real hair in the skin.

Nanoblading dispenses pigment underneath the skin using a teeny tiny line of needles of 0.18mm. 'They are used with the aid of a disposable hand tool that creates such fine hair strokes, it looks like real hair growing from the skin.

What Happens During Eyebrow Nanoblading?

Your chosen practitioner should talk you through the shade and shape you want beforehand and make sure you're totally comfortable and happy before beginning on your brows.

The very tip of the needle, which has an ultra-small circumference, is then dipped into pigment. The colour of the pigment depends on a number of factors including being a great match for your skin tone and something that is similar to your natural hair colour.

The pigment is then dispensed gradually down the needles and into the skin to create flawless hair strokes and a beautiful, natural looking brow.


What Is Nanoblading For Eyebrows?